Boost your company’s productivity by 10-20%!

We’re all so used to multi-tasking these days that we barely think twice about what a little interruption might cost. But numerous studies have shown just how much impact those seemingly insignificant lost minutes can have on productivity and operational costs once you add them up.

Studies by research firm Basex show that workers lose a significant amount of time to interruptions and the time it then takes to refocus on work after that interruption. Such interruptions waste 28% of the workday on average.

Therein lies a huge opportunity to recover more productive time. Let’s assume the average time impact of a typical office interruption – which includes the interruption itself as well as the recovery time to refocus on what you were doing – is about 15 minutes. Some studies suggests that the average worker is interrupted 10-15 times per day. Assume for now 10 of those are unwanted physical interruptions. We believe a simple tool like CubeGuard could easily cut those interruptions by up to 50%. For a 100-person company paying its knowledge workers, say, $60,000 per year, that translates to a productivity savings of about $937.5K per year. Cost to equip everyone at the company with CubeGuard? Less than $2,000. That’s a Return On Investment (ROI) of over 400%, or break-even in less than a day!

We know, it’s hard to believe. Go ahead and make changes, be conservative with the numbers, and the return on investment is still amazing. If you’re ready to realize these benefits or just have questions, please contact our Corporate Sales team today.

CubeGuard ROI Calculator
Enter your own numbers to see how much your company can save in productivity. Our default numbers below are a 100-person company example.

Average number of physical interruptions per day:
This is an estimate of the average number of unwanted physical interruptions per employee per day. Trust us, it’s more than you think.
Percentage of interruptions eliminated by CubeGuard (%):
Even with CubeGuard installed, some people still interrupt. The boss, an urgent need, etc.
Average time impact of interruption (minutes):
Studies show that it’s not just the interruption, but the recovery time to get back to the primary task that costs the most.
Productivity savings per day per employee (minutes & %):
Simple Calculation: (Number of interruptions) x (% eliminated by CubeGuard) x (Average time impact of interruption)
Number of Employees:
Total employees you have, or intend to purchase for.
Average annual cost per employee ($):
Average cost of interruptions per employee in the company or for the group you intend to purchase CubeGuards for.
Annual productivity savings by using CubeGuard ($):
Simple Calculation: (Productivity savings in minutes per day per employee) x (255 work days per year) x (Number of employees) x (Annual cost per employee) / (255 work days per year x 8 hours per day x 60 minutes per hour)
Cost to equip employees with Standard CubeGuard (@$19.99 each):
Simple Calculation: $19.99 x (Number of employees)
Days to break even on investment:
Simple Calculation: (255 work days per year) x (Investment in CubeGuard for all employees) / (Savings per year)
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